Sunday, November 30, 2008

Then there was 2...

That got your attention.

Yes, I'll finally have enough money to get a car soon!

Yes, I now have two jobs.
My original job I get paid $10 an hour to run the whole shop on my own, this is at the average doughnut joint where I work with really awesome I get paid $15 and hour and was dishes. We also have a beautiful staff lunch, where we eat all the delicious foods they make for the customers and we get a glass of wine to wash it down. 
I was tasting wine all day, getting to know the different personalities of each bottle. 
 It was wonderful! 

Today I went to Ryans Aunty and Uncles house for a pre christmas lunch, because his cousin is going away for Christmas, so this was for him.
It was a great day, getting to know his family a little better. They go into detail so much, I felt a little uncomfortable. But that's how different families roll I guess.
 Then on the way home (an hours drive) I had some practice driving, nearly wiping everyone out on the round-abouts a few times. I need to learn to change gear before entering them.

His turn to meet everyone at Christmas time in Sydney. We will be driving up. I love road trips! 

Peace x

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update #1.

- Oh, I also got a new skirt today.
Very happy, it's a 1960's floral wrap around 
- I now have six wonderful followers, and in our little blogging community we happily converse with one another. 

Last night I went to my best friends house to help her recover from not having her boyfriend in the state. 

Turns out she rudely talk on the phone to him all night (she talks to him 5 hours a day usually because he lives in Sydney. She couldn't even have one night to hang out with a mate), whilst I was banished to the couch and had to watch TV. When I could have been in my own boyfriends arms. Selfish bitch, I hopes she chokes on the phone cord. 

Ok, that's all the venting I needed to do.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Name Two things that absolutely terrify you, that you don't openly admit to people, due to the growing sense of embarrassment about the situation. 

I want to see how far this gets, so do the same on your blog.
Just a little social experiment of mine =]

For me:
- Aliens! I am absolutely petrified of the idea of aliens. I can recall a few situations where at night, I would lie so still and barley breath due to the absolute fear of hearing noises out side, thinking they have come, and my house was one of the first hit by them. Even at sleep overs I would freak out (turnes out that they had a serious rat problem). 

- When a family member is late home, or when Ryan drives home late at night from my house, I feel sick with fear about what might have happened to them. If they don't call or reply to a message, that makes me feel even more fearful, almost to the point of panicing, I get myself ready for the call to tell me of their death. 

There you go. Now you think I'm an absolute nut case, it's your turn.

♥  .e

choco churro

I love the Silversun Pickups. They always make me happy, same with The Grates. 
But tonight these artists just don't seem to be making much of a difference. I wont even go near Vampire Weekend, they're too poppy for me at the moment.

I got chocolate in my ear at work today, it was really weird. 

My best friends boy friend hase gone back to his home state, so we just hung out at work, throwing Mcdonalds chips at each other. (Does anyone else like the squishy chips, or is it just me?)
Jade has a tendency to cry frequently, so now it is a little like playing wolf, I just don't react to it so sympathetically anymore. She's been like that since year 7, interesting character none-the-less.

I really want a yellow tooth brush now. 

I'm home again, but I'm not motivated to do anything. My fingers even feel a little weak from typing. Wow, if I put my mind to it, I can really complain a lot. 

I got new underwear today... they are so cute, red and while stripes with lace and red ribbon around the top
I don't know why on earth I told you that, but I guess I'm just overly open. Plus there had to be one good thing that happened to me today. I didn't see Tom, I'm not at Ryans House. So this will have to be the next best thing. 

I miss not being at Sam's, but I cannot disrespect my mother by self adopting another.

I ate a cheese burger today. I guess I'm no longer a vegetarian  now.
But I will still never eat lamb!



Thursday, November 13, 2008



Hello, one and all, I have been released from the evil clutches of my schooling institution! 
And I was so tempted to do the dropping of the pen 'Looking for Alabrandie' style (it's one of Australia's better movies, if you have never heard of it before).

I also burnt my finger whilst making 2 minutes noodles. 

So, not I'm going to get wasted tonight, and be a normal 18 year old for once.

Question of the day:
"What colour is your tooth brush, and why did you get one that colour?"

May peace be with you. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

elyse's friend Sam is pretty much drunk and is posting for elyse

Ey everyone who blogs 
Names Sam 
Wahts up been drinking for a while and i think htis is how you blog by telling everyone exactaly hwat i thik fo this idea fo blogin. its sily, like yuo are standing in the midle of a shoping centre and yelling all yuor thougths out to everynoe.

Elyse: Thank you same for your input. You stupid twat. 
Go and drink some more and get off my laptop. 

Sorry everyone who had to try and understand what the drunk is going on about. 

Ah, the beauty of summer =]

I had all these interesting thoughts that I wanted to jot down on my blog. I was thinking about it when I woke up, then having a shower, then eating breakfast. 
All these interesting, yet not really fantastical thoughts, and ideas to keep you entertained with.

But then I had a brilliant day.
This morning, I studied... very little.
Then I went to lunch with a guy, social purposes only, nothing romantic! 

He has a mohawk, has a labret, crazy beard. Funny, quirky, nice, encouraging, and has similar tastes to me. Like ART! HE LOVES ART... He's doing fine arts at university 

So, I had a good day because, we had coffee and lunch, then we ambled around the shopping centre, talked over lunch for a few hours. Kept asking for bottles of chilled water (30 something degree celsius day) whilst we sat in the blistering heat, under a large umbrella. Poor Tom was wearing black, even thought that's what he usually wears, its just too hot.

So, after walking around for a few hours, talking about nothing, and watching him draw amazing cartoons, we ended up going to have a drink at the pub (I'm a hopelessly pathetic light weight drinker... after just one pot).

I want to catch up again soon.
I hope Ryan can meet him, he might get along with him.
If not, tom can be my new random T-shirt boy.
Because thats how I met him. I walked into his store whilst waiting to be picked up after work, asked him a few questions.
Then I had more questions a few weeks later, and then he decided that I was interesting, and that I should come back again after work just to chat. 

Then we decided that we would get coffee.

It's a nice social break from pretending to study all the time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Six quirks + You've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Karen
 Having no idea what to do, I asked Jenny, she helped me out, so this is it...

What to do (rules): 
- Link the blogger who tagged you.
- In your blog, write up rules and then...
- Place 6 quirky facts about yourself that no one knows.
- Tag six other bloggers and link them.
- Visit each persons and leave them a comment informing them that they have been tagged.

Six things about myself:
1. I have over 30 pets at my little suburban dwelling, two of them are snakes (baggers and skittles).
2. I have painted with my tongue. But then I felt really sick.
3. When I wash dishes or anything that involves working with water, I do this weird rubbing thing with my tongue on the roof of my mouth.
4. I check my blog.. a lot.
5. I love it when Ryan surprises me, and becomes all romantic =]
6. I want to do a course in piercing and maybe even become a tattoo artist! 

I have tagged the following bloggers:
Jenny, Tea, Collin, Evan, Karen & the person who I found blogger through... Mattg
i just discovered what a link was! Hurrah! Thank you Jenny 

You are officially my first link ;)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

My love:

I love the Shins.
Tea, in response to your blog...
the song/s that make me happy always come from the same artists;
- The Shins.
- The (old) Kings of Leon.
- Vampire Weekend.
- Watching Scrubs.

I want to get 3 things done before I'm 20.

I want to get the following done, before I turn the ripe old age of 20...
But before you read, these items on the list are my personal choice. I just wanted to share with you, a list of my own. 

1. Tattoo, of a little camel on my big toe, or a tooth from the inspiration of the artist Beci Orpin.
2. A scarification on my leg. (Optional)
3. A piercing:



A song for Tea.

I love Tea, 
And Tea loves me.

Thats the way it ought to be.

One day I'll go and climb a tree.
I'll sit with my aunty whose name is Flee.

We'll have to drink you,
 I'm sorry Tea. 

That's the way life goes, you will see.

But in your honour I'll drink you on bended knee.
And so will Flee.

Because we both love you TEA!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new house:

My Room.

I love where I'm currently situated. When I went through my major hippy phase I practically lived here.
So, now I'm home again. 

But, that is all settled.

I saw my little sister today and nearly cried. I miss my family so much, I hate fighting with them.
I was thinking a little, and talking to my friend Kelly, we both agree that my mother is completely stressed. Not just over me and my finishing up of 13 years of schooling.
But of all the up and down fighting with dad. She has booked a holiday to Paris next year for a surprise 50th birthday present, but she's trying to hide it from him and it isn't helping... financially. 

Well, that's all for this afternoon my friends.
Oh, Psychology exam went well today =]

Sitting in the sun in the sun room.

Charles(left) and Sam (right).
Sammy is the guy I'm chilling with for a few weeks.

The grass is always greener, you just need to know where to find it.

So, it's my first night away from the folks. 
And I was just sitting my the fire, listening to Angus and Julia Stone, Kimya Dawson and Band of Horses. Smoking strawberry flavoured tobacco with my new hooker pipe I received for my 18th birthday.
God, I couldn't ask for a better night with my two best friends. 
Ah, I'm so happily content at this moment.
I couldn't ask for a better evening...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A change of scenery:

The past two days have been an emotional blur for me.
Yesterday I started crying for no reason again. I think this might be due to the stress of exams. But it occurs all the time, so now I'm starting to think otherwise. 

Anyway, yesterday, I started crying again whilst I was studying, and mum saw me. I thought, "Oh crap! She's seen me crying!  I'll just say I needed a break, and it's starting to get to me again..." 
But then she went off at me, started yelling, telling me 'others are a lot worse off, I shouldn't have any excuses to cry for no reason'.
 Mum and Dad just really got on my case. I needed to get out. So I went for a walk, but I couldn't stop crying (I know I really sound pathetic at this point, but I'm just informing you of why I'm no longer at home), so I just sat outside till they left the house. Then I went to Ryans, and I was going to stay there the night. But as I was sleeping they called Ryans house, threatening to 'ground me until christmas', meaning they won't converse with me until then, and I'm not allowed to see my family in Sydney for Christmas (honestly, I thought they would come up with a better threat because I'm 18, but I guess it's the best they've got), this would happen if I didn't get home by 11pm.

So I went home, they didn't talk to me at all that night, then they tried to bully me into going to school again to study, but I told them I had other plans... public library.
But according to parentals, I was unter their thumb till the end of exams. 

So I packed up my things and said good bye.

So now I'm living at my best friend Sam's house. His mum and I get along really well, she's always been my adopted mother (metaphorically speaking), and his place is my home.

So yeah, that's where I am now.

So, I'm not all with it still, but I'm much happier. 

Thank you for listening to my whinging. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Santa has given me a budget to work with this Christmas.

 Yes, less than two months till the spoilt little children in my household get their undeserving gifts from a man, who wears an unfavourable costume and is contributing to the worlds obesity crisis. 
 My father, trying to dress as Santa. 
Anyway, this year, the four of us (I am one of six in my family), have been given an expense limit. And I think it is more than reasonable. 

The problem I am having now is... 
What should I choose? 
Here are some ideas; 

- A cheap, play around acoustic guitar.
- New bedding (I like the sound of this one)
- New mobile phone.
- Gift voucher
- Ebay expenditure 
- 6 month supply of the best noodles in the world! Mi goreng, I don't actually know what is in them...
- Clothes.
- Put it towards a car...

Oh, the options are endless. 


Hahaha, I amuse myself so...

Ok, as I was typing my new follower a message (he likes poetry XD), I was sitting behind my little sisters acoustic guitar (I'm sadly attempting to teach myself how to play it, and I decided to learn 'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens).
But, as I was sitting behind it, I could see the reflection of me typing in it. So basically, it made me giggle.
 Yeah, thats all I've really got. 
Oh, yeah, I took a picture of it, just because I'm so amazing, and I can do that...

Rekindled heart;

Ryan and I have been together for nearly eight wonderful months. 
I love Ryan, I really do. We love the same music, we share the same thoughts, and no one I know (except for maybe my best friends Jade and Kelly) can predict what I'm about to do or say next. 
We connect and love each other for it. 
 But over the past few months, I have lost the 'lust' is our love a little. 
Ryan just became plain Ryan.
Say for instance looking at your Mum, and just seeing the same woman you have seen all your life. Yet when someone else looks at her, they see a beautifully matured woman that shares your characteristics. 
Well, it's a little like that. 

So, I came close to cheating on Ryan a little bit. 
In clubs, or parties. 
Probably not the nicest places to meet people. Usually shallow gatherings, where all you can really say to the other person is your name and age, and if your lucky, maybe a conversation. 

I tell Ryan everything. He knows about all this. 

But tonight, I could see him in every angle I used to see him in. 
Then I realized why I fell in love with him in the first place. So basically, I fell right back in love with again. 

Just thought I would get that off my chest before falling asleep next to him.
Thank you for listening to what is on my mind. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cause for celebration!

Elyse has a follower! Elyse has a follower! 
Thank you Sparklegreen =]  =]  
In light of this celebration I took some photos of my hands talking to one another. 
That is all.

Lia: "Hello. Why are you laughing at me? Since when was primary school a laughing matter?!"

John: "Because you always wore your shoes on the wrong
 feet. And look! You still do it to this day, you're such a goober Lia."