Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book smell.

I don't know about you, but I just love the smell of an old book. There's something weathered and beautiful about them, like looking at yourself in an ancient distressed mirror.

Well, I'm currently sitting at my local library, with 22 minutes left of Internet use. It's fantastic! They even have a little cafe. Actually, it's a little impersonal, people are sitting right next to you, so they read everything you're writing and I seriously need to wash my hands after using this keyboard.

The reason I'm no longer able to use my laptop is because I've moved out with a friend, to this gorgeous apartment. I'll try and take some photos, just to show you how lucky I am!

We overlook the bay, as in the beach is literally a stones throw away.

Life has become a tad complex at the moment, I'm working two jobs, my main one is a little unstable, but that's apart of the excitement of living week to week. Do you have Target over in North America? Well, that where I'm currently employed, and it's pretty average, but it now officially pays the bills, and I'm getting better at budgeting, is that how you spell it? Budgeting? Gah, curse not having spell check! I miss my mac. I've probably made an absolute fool of myself with all my grammatical errors.

Well, I've now got only 15 minutes left and I have just a few more things to do whilst on this computer.