Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Going Up The Country"

This often occurs on my days off whilst listening to Kitty Daisy & Lewis.

I also LOVE MONICA!!!!! 
She has me thoroughly prepared for my climb to Everest, with all my lucky charms and pretty accessories.

(NOTE: I'll edit this post when I get home and take a proper photo of all my trinkets I received from Karen and Monica.) 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My shoes are officially off!

I have just had a beer, so I'm a little tipsy (all the better to put you to sleep my dear).
 This is traditional after a hard six hours or dish-pig labour! 
My new job over looking the beach isn't really all that awesome. I work in the back as well as the front. 
 Working for my money is hard, and painful. It's 10 minutes to 1 am, and thats early to be finished with work! 

Ok, enough complaining...
I LOVE KAREN!!!!!!!!!!
She gave me 2 awesome rings made out of guitar strings, 2 little stencil booklets, a hand drawn flower, and a mini dream catcher. CUTE!
Oh, and a beautifully written note, K you have amazing hand writing!

Now, I would put a picture up, but I'm currently not at home at the moment.

But the dream catcher is hanging from my roof! 

Oh, I also put more tre branches up, and a vinyl bird-cage print.

Ok, I need to sleep, writing a blog at 1 am is killing me.

You kiddies have a splendific day.