Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ahhh, yes, the day has finally come. I can now walk around naked and feel no shame. 
 Ok, I'm over it. 

Hey guess what!? My rabbits had babies. SO CUTE! 

Also, my friend is going into labour right NOW! How exciting! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you.

I'm sorry i've been truly pathetic with Blogging. 
I also really need to get into some of your blogs too, I'm really lazy at the moment. 

But I just wanted to say thank you to those who have read my dribble and still seemed to find some entertainment in it.

I'm sick at home (probably got the stupid Swine) and so now I hav to make Ryan a birthday present, I'm too poor to actually go and buy something.
So here is my plan for his birthday (22nd June). 
I'll make him a cake & do an artwork similar to Kate McLeod's work (god I love her stuff).
I'll also try to sew some little flags on a piece of string to decorate his house with, and write him a card.
Did I mention that I cannot sew to save my life? 
Wish me luck, i'll let you know if I've failed. 

Oh, also, for the past week I've been on placement at a Pathology Clinic, happily stabbing INR patients daily. God I love this work.
Ok, I might be a little Sadistic, but I do it with love.

Go and see Sunshine Cleaning. It's so cute.


Friday, June 12, 2009

I love hippies.

I had the most wonderful, crazy, refreshing and eye opening experience last night.
 I was wonderful and refreshing because I have been so 'grown up' and 'mature' lately, that I actually forgot that I'm 18, and really, I shouldn't be trying to seem more stable so Ryan will stay with me. He should really be getting back to his roots and get out their, put himself in an uncomfortable situation to actually learn something from it. 
 Well, that's what I decided to do last night...

My friend Elliot (whom I haven't seen in quite some time due to his worldly adventures) has decided to go backpacking/hitch hiking across Australia. 
But since he's been back from Pakistan or where ever he was last, his current address since then is... house squatting in an abandoned building. This building used to be an old Jail/police station. But some asian corporate company has bought it since then, and they plan to knock it down some time next year to rebuild an apartment block.

So anyway, we went there as a farewell to Elliot and to paint the walls. 
 People were being held up-side-down so they'll be able to walk on the roof with paint on their feet. 
 So, I knew absolutely no one there, I took one friend with me, Sarah. She's the only person that's really open to anything, she doesn't care what people think of her. All she wants to do is enjoy life whilst she still has it.
 So, after getting to know some of the others, we all headed into the old Jail cell to sit down play the guitar and chat, one girl said she found an old Court Room, so we all decided to pack up and head to this place. 
It was massive! Some of us split up to go exploring, we went to the back rooms to look around. All of a sudden someone came running in saying, "Get out! Security guards are outside, there calling the cops! Run!"
We all ditched in different hallways, but there were no back doors, everyone managed to find a back window to jump out of, but I was in another room so I jumped out the window there, but managed to graze my entire back in the process. 

We were hiding out side for ages, waiting to hear what happened. 
 I found one of the guys, and he said that they're gone.
So we all went back to the original police station. But they hadn't left, they found the building we were in.
So we all hid in different areas or the premises, seeing torch lights through the windows and radios going off about different locations.  

Sarah and I had to get out of there! I don't know what they could have charged us with, but I couldn't risk it. I needed to get into nursing with a clean record. 

We found 3 other people near where we lived, so we found a way out, got into their Kombi van. Sarah and I were in the mattress in the back, whilst the others drove. 

As we were on the main road, a fuzz copter started to follow us, to be honest I have absolutely no idea why, but we had to lose them, so we went under a bridge, and turned around to find another way back.
We arrived at one of the guys houses, changed cars, so we wouldn't be picked up again, and went home safely. 
I have really missed being my age. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please, don't feel you need to read this, I just needed to vent.

I guess I haven't really written here for a while because I feel that what I say is boring. I really have nothing exciting to discuss. 
 But I think I need to start up again, because I'm starting to feel down again. I started this blog when I was doing my final year/few months of high school, and I was under a lot of pressure. 
So anyway, this is my self advised therapy. 

The reason I think I'm not myself, is because I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. I have no money/job anymore, so I can't travel or save for a car. 

I have no other companions other than Ryan at the moment, No friends to really share anything with. 

Now I feel really self centred for taking your time. This was a redundant post. I just needed to vent, sorry to make you feel like I now do.