Thursday, March 26, 2009


I became a cat today, and blogger started hitting on me after I updated my profile photo.
Also, yesterday I went to the Dentist... which I absolutely HATE! 
The feeling & the sound of the drill just freaks me out. 
Anyway, they couldn't seem to numb me enough so I did feel pain.
The smile I had last night though was fabulously priceless! One half of my face lit up in a wonderful smile, whilst the other half was a nasty grimace. Which made the whole expression look like that two faced guy from Batman.
 So this morning I woke up to having the most awful pain in me left cheek,
because my dentist must have put the needle in my muscle. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gumby-head Girl.

Well, I'm really either not doing much, or I'm doing too much that it's become monotonous and I find it boring. 
Either way, I'll tell you what I'm actually doing.
I'm Currently; 
- Finishing Level 1 in Sign Language. 
- Halfway through my Certificate III in Pathology. 
- Teaching kids to swim (getting my volunteer hours up to start getting paid for it). 
- Painting, but not offten. 
- Seeing Ryan as much as I can.
- Looking for new music. 
- Going to the Byron Bay Blues and Roots music Festival. 
- Wishing I can move out and live with Ryan soon.
- Listening to Muse. 
- Want to get my stupid bloody licence! GAR! 
- Saving up for a car & a holiday to Greece/ Germany because they are basically next door neighbours.

Thats all folks.

My Passport expired :(

Love you all and missing you because I'm lazy, sorry. 


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mothers in law...

Ryans mother and I had ... er, well I guess you could call it a clash the other day.
Long story short, we are both different (VERY DIFFERENT) people. She's very argumentative and opinionated. Were as, when I get angry or hurt, I remove myself from the undesired stimulus and sit somewhere quietly most of the time I tend to read. 

I guess I have been rather... well sensitive for the past few weeks (no thanks to the bloody implanon that's cozily implanted in my arm).
 But what she did had nothing to do with me being over sensitive (although she claims that I was being that way). 
Ryan and I were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. I'm in my PJ's, were as Ryan was just in jeans and leaning over. He has a little gut, but it's just polite to not make a big thing about it.

Well, Jenni walks in from her morning walk. Sees Ryan and grabs her Phone to take a picture of him with it. She laughs and says to Ryan, "Hahahaha, this picture is proof as to why you should lose weight."
Ryan and I didn't say anything, we ignored it.
Then she walks over to open a packet of M'n'Ms and says "Ryan, is there something wrong with you? You're not diving for the chocolate."

By then I felt she was just being plain nasty, so as I went to go and have a shower I said to her "Jenni, what you said to Ryan was just plain cruel, you can't just say that." 
Ooh, she didn't like that one bit. "How dare you.. blah blah blah, I can't even be myself in my own house since you came along.. blah blah blah... before you came along I used to talk to Ryan all the time about stuff like that" (Jesus, no wonder to poor boy has no self-esteem and depression.)
Oh well, I'm no longer heading that way anymore. 
 Stay out of the old witches territory. 

Ahh, off my chest.
Geez, you guys a coping it with my anger and ventilation at the moment. 

Thanks for bothering to read this. I'm off to talk with my hands now. 


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Missing in Ireland...

My life without Kelly, is like a life without buildings (no not the band...if you've ever heard of it).
For the next year, my favorite shoulder to cry on has packed her bag and has become a backpacker.
She's just finished skiing in France, and visiting her family in England. Her next stop is Dublin.
Where she will be crashing for the next 3 months with her other close friend Tilly.

So, this little post is just letting you know that a chunk of me will be missing for the next 11 months.
(Cum knuckle, if your reading this... Meet and play with as many Irish guys as you can. god I would be if I was single. Hell fall in love and get married! Just let me know so I can fly over to hold your hand.)

Now I'm going to listen to The Kings of Leon before they discovered the English language.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stupid, stupid girl!

Have I ever told you what an idiot I can be.
Well, here you go "I'M A SELF TITLED IDIOT!" 
 This statement is only highlighted by the stunt I pulled last weekend...

I went out clubbing to this Indie bar in Melbourne, it's called 'Pogo'.
My friend was leaving for Europe, so we decided to hit the town one last night.
 Because we were new to this scene, we were friendly, asking the bartenders and the door people what they think is a good drink, etc. 
Well, one particular bartender was rather chatty, and at the end of the night, after all the fun and dancing, talking to fellow club people, Tilly (my friend going to Europe) and I saw the bartender (Dieter) we were talking to earlier. He had finished his shift and asked us to come over and have a chat.

The club was closing so we had to leave. We met some nice, overly friendly guys earlier and they invited us to come to the Crown Casino which was still open. The Dieter said he had nothing else to do, so he hung out with us.

We got sick of the immaturity of the younger guys and just sat down to talk to Dieter. He told us he was 24, done graphic design and is just bartending at the moment. We exchanged numbers and said we'll be friends and what not. Catch up maybe on the weekend.
That was that.

Then, we made plans to hang out on sunday afternoon/evening, but the friend I invited bailed and I was on my own.

One I caught up with him, I told him I wasn't interested and that I wanted to go home, I didn't want to stay out late or stay at his house.

We went out for a few drinks and dinner. It got later and later, every time I asked to leave, he kept making excuses for me to stay, saying things to make me feel bad so I would stay longer.

I ended up having to go back to his house. And insisted to sleep on the couch. 
I told him I'm going to bed.

He said, I just want to talk to you in my room. So I said, for 5 mins. 
We talked for a while, and then he kept saying "I like you, and I know your attracted to me. So stop denying it." 
After that, I knew I should probably try and get home.
He kept trying to kiss me, make me feel guilty for seeing him, telling me reasons why I should break up with my boyfriend, and telling me that I was why he hated catching up with girls. 
 He then told me his real age which was 30, and expected me to kiss him, and wanted to be with him, he kept touching me and trying to hold me, kissing down my back. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how hw would react if I went off at him.
 I was freaking out, I couldn't stop shaking and I told him I needed a drink of water to get away from him. 
 I ran to get my stuff all together. I was going to get out of there, by then it was 3am. 
He followed me after a while, so I told him he was really scaring me.
 I got to the front door and went flying down the stairs out onto the street.
He was calling after me, telling me how stupid I was, and that I didn't need to act like that.

I kept walking, worried he was still following. I had no idea where I was, I called mum, and burst into tears of relief and fear.

I managed to flag down a taxi, and an hour and a half later I was home.

So, yeah. I'm now very cautious of men and not knowing people.
Stranger danger is 100% real my friends, take note. Never trust the seemingly nice men.