Sunday, December 21, 2008


I got my first present!! 
From Zoe! 
It's my dog called Ginger!  AHHHHHH
I'm so excited! 

Here is my puppy Ginger;

New bedding makes all the difference...

Hello my lovely little vegemites, 
How are we all?

Well, just a brief update, and then there will be a gap between now and my next blog, maybe up to two weeks.
The reason for this is; I am traveling up to Sydney for a few days over Christmas time (Woo! Bring on the road trip!)
Then I shall be heading back to Victoria, to go to the wonderful music rock festival that shall be taking place over new years... (Did I mention that I'm going for free? Ryan and I happen to have gotten volunteer spots YAY!)

Then I will be back, writing blogs to my little hearts desires. 

Now, today as I strolled down to our local post office, I decided to replace a gift that I wasn't a massive fan of, it was a poorly chosen bed spread on my mothers behalf.
So after I delivered your presents, and a couple of comments on the amount of gifts and destinations, I made my way up to the bedding store.

There wasn't a lot to pick from, but I'm very happy with my choice, an aqua and navy double sided little ditty, with a nice coastal print, timelessly classy.  
The best part about this is, whenever anyone ask's me what I want as a gift, I can say, "European pillows please, with white cotton covers, thank you."
Yes, yes I will, and I shall give them a very polite and cheery grin.

My little corner of heaven.

This is me enjoying the feel of the new, starched fabric. 
Mmm, I love new car smell. 


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update #2.

Well, I am currently babysitting a boy named Luca. I used to do scouts a few years back and Luca's mother was my Scout lead, and her older son was in my scout group.
So anyway, I just thought I would let you know what I'm doing as I am writing this blog. 

I have been all over town over the past two days, hanging out with Ryan's best mate named Chris, who has come back from Tazzie for a few days to see his family for Christmas. 

Today Chris took me to the most amazing little op-shop, I love finding the undiscovered little shops that no one knows about.
I found some gorgeous trinkets there.

I'm also writing up my 'thank you for coming to my birthday and buying me gifts'  letters.
I did the artwork on the front, I think it's a little more sentimental.

Oh! I also have another new job (the doughnut place is closing down), I'm a waitress at a Tapas restaurant. The people there are absolutely amazing and it is located a few metres away from the beach, so you can look out down the pier. 
Plus I get a free drink when I finish, I decided I would go with a nice sweet Moscato on my first shift.

I'm exhausted, so this is me out.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, all the colours of the rainbow.

Yes, I have been getting into this Christmas wish list thing. But due to being so sodding poor at the moment, I have taken an alternative route, DIY "WOOOOO!" 

So, for those of you who receive my little gifts of love, please enjoy. I thought hard about each one I made for each of you.

In other news, I am feeling physically better. 


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last minute wish list...

It's ok, I know I have run well and truly out of time, but thanks to Karren and Jenny I still have time for a really quick last minute request...

So here it is; 

Small wish list: 
# Hand-made string friendship bracelet (I love those types of sentimental gifts)
# A hand made card with a really awesome picture on it from an art magazine. 
# Some thing from you (anything little that can be hung by string) so I can add it to my roof of mobile memories...>>
# Some jewelry from an op shop, they always have awesome little trinkets. 
# A pencil case, old or new I dont mind, but you have to write a message on it.

Big wish list: 
# A new puppy called Ginger. 
# To one day met my Edward Cullen.
# Have an awesome picture to add to my wall of unusually sized artworks (it's an expensive work in progress). 
# Acoustic quitar 
# Everyone to have a little gift this Christmas, everyone deserves to have some one care enough to get them something, no matter how small. 

Ok, there you go.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lifeless today =/

I know I haven't been a very social blogger at the moment, I don't really have an excuse either.
 I'm quite ill at the moment, I have an excruciatingly sore throat, so I can't talk to anyone because it hurts so much. I couldn't even call my boss to tell him I couldn't come in today, I had to get my boyfriend to call for me. 

I feel like my head is in limbo at the moment, I'm not happy about anything in particular. I have had some doubt about my relationship with Ryan, but I'm not going to do anything rash, I still love him to death.
 But I'm not feeling at 'home' anywhere at the moment, my home just feels like it's a temporary settlement for the time being, Ryan's house is cold and small, plus his mum is there and I can't stand her... she can never seem to be pleased with anything anyone does for her, and then she complains more when one little thing doesn't go her way. 

I found out that I got an A+ for my year 12 art folio, boo-yah! Thats a great thing in my favor, means I don't have to worry about my results for that exam too much, because it only counts for 30% of the mark 

All I have been doing over the past few weeks is reading, working and sleeping. 
 I have a confession, when I read, and if it is an exceptionally good book or series, I have a tendency of throwing myself heart and soul into the novel, and wishing I could just slide myself into the story and only exist with in those pages. This only really works with fantasy as you could probably assume. 
 I haven't actually admitted that little hidden desire with anyone before, everything seems easier to admit on this, knowing that everyone who reads my blog liver over in North-America.

Ok, that is all for now.
Sorry that there isn't any exciting pictures to show you, I look and feel horrible at the moment. 

Thank you for showing a glimmer of interest to this post if you actually read it :)