Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, the silliness of me!

Hello, my name's Elyse... and I have a terrible habit of letting down my guard when (seemingly) nice boys with nice smiles and lots of cuddles say they like me...

In fact, I write them books and letters and cook them breakfast, cakes and everything else that I thought (seemingly) nice boys liked.

But then they stop talking to you, and forget your phone number.
Even if you have liked one another for 5 years.

They look amazing in their glasses and Country Road attire.
They smell amazing in their Joop.
They make you feel amazing when they kiss you & tell you "your perfect, happy, beautiful".

Then they go back and hide behind their guns in the Army.
They go to Afghanistan.

I secretly hope they never forget.
But, I know they eventually will.

Oh, the silliness of me!

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