Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another wonderful day...

It's been a while (again... I know, I'm fairly lazy).

Lovely to see how my whole 18 followers are doing. You seem to be rather wonderful...

So, life update; well, Ryan has now got a wonderful new girlfriend (it hurts, but I'm getting over it), I'm halfway through my course! It's gone so quickly! I've managed to stay in one of my jobs for more than 6 months :D
This yeah has had it's personal ups and downs, much like everybody else, you just pick up the pieces and keep on walking. There's really no time to stop and complain, the hours, days and weeks keep going, and naturally, you can't help but move forward with it.

1 comment:

beckyannnnnnn said...

Glad you're doing well!
I like it when you're around here :).

good luck with the rest of your course!<3