Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Once Every Blue Moon

Yes, it's been a long long, LONG time since I've even looked at
blogger, let alone write anything.
But I thought I'd give it a little up date.

So I've now been single for nearly a year, and that itself has been rewarding yet frustrating. I managed to try & pull myself away from everyone for a while, but in the past few months I've had to let my guard down and relax a little.
Which for me basically means I've decided to act like a 20 year old - for once!
I'm young, happy & single, what else is there to do - Beside
s the odd male - out there?
Well for starters I'm planning on going to America next year, yesterday I woke up feeling like I wanted to pierce my nose (so I did).

I also have developed a crush (can you call it a crush if your sleeping together?) on one guy but I'm still madly in love with my Army guy. It's so frustrating being stuck here, especially if your Army guy is in Afghanistan fighting & the other guy you like just got out of a 2.5 year relationship & wants to just have fun (but has recently informed me that he likes me, he's over sleeping with different people (like me), he also told me that out of everyone he knows he can connet/talk to me the easiest, but he's not ready for anything so we're going to be just friends, which I'm ok with because I like just being around him I get this amazing/happy/confident energy around him).

Oh yeah, my 3 best friends are all over 1000 km away from me too, so making new friends are in order. Talking over the internet can only get you so far! (I love you girls if your reading this).

Ok, I guess that was my update for now.

I'm off to Confest! Wish me luck!


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beckyannnnnnn said...

It's been ages since I've been around here as well!
Which is why this comment is two weeks late, but alas!
I'm glad you're happy :)
It's always a good thing to be! come around here more often!
I will if you will!
<33 xx